Centrifugal Micro Granules Humidifier

Model : AN-5500

  • Fine spraying mists spacious diffusion range(about 33spuare meters on the average)
  •  Auto-spaying height can 3-4 meters.


MODEL AN-3600  AN-5500 
Power  1/8~1/6HP 1/8~1/6HP
Voltage  110V,50HZ  110V,50HZ 
110V,60HZ  110V,60HZ 
220V,50HZ  220V,50HZ 
220V,60HZ  220V,60HZ 
Spray Volume 4000cc/hr 5500cc/hr
Weight  8Kg 8Kg
Volume of the bottom 3.6L 5L
Dimensions(L*W*H) 32*32*35CM 32*32*47CM 



Disinfection in room to free from germs, indoor humidification, textile factory, Paper mill, knitting works, medicine manufacture, capsule, store house, hospitals, public meeting place, garden, green house mushrooms cultivation, farm and ranch, bake house etc.